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What is the Difference Between a Memorial Service and a Celebration?

Examples of Funeral services are those that are conducted on casket, cremation or burial ground, or at the request of the family. It may also be referred to as a funeral service. When a body is not buried, it is referred to as cremation.

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Funeral services can be a casual event or a formal ceremony in which a body is present, or an alternative. A casual service is one in which the attendees are family and close friends. The purpose of a casual funeral service is for the attendees to share memories about the deceased. These memories can include stories, songs, poems or other information. When a body is not present, a formal ceremony occurs in which the body is prepared for embalming or cremation.


In most cases, Melbourne funeral services do not require that the deceased be present. If the body is cremated, family and friends may opt to have a viewing prior to the cremation. The purpose of the viewing is to observe and share the process with loved ones. Visitation is generally scheduled for a set amount of time after the viewing or memorial service.


Some funeral directors Greensborough prefer a memorial service to remember their deceased loved one. Often called a viewing or wake, this is a special event in which the bereaved remember their loved one. The purpose of the memorial service is to offer comfort and expression to what are commonly called “shattered hearts”. They are those that are often left in shock following the death of their loved one. Often referred to as a wake, the memorial service is more structured and formalized than the funeral service.


There are many different types of funerals, most of which can be done at a church. There are also some private facilities that can hold ceremonies and/or memorial services. Often times, these ceremonies are done outside the church. Some common types of funeral services are: cremation service, wake, service with full memorial or ceremony and burial.


Each has their own set of rules and procedures that are associated with the funeral service. This does not always refer to the actual funeral service. The location of the ceremony has similarities with the actual funeral service. An open casket is another common type of funeral service that does not involve a memorial service.


A memorial service can be a combination of the funeral service and the open casket service. It can also be a closed casket viewing with an open casket. A traditional funeral service usually involves a memorial service wherein a headstone is put in the ground for the deceased. It also involves a viewing of the remains, which is conducted by a member of the clergy.


It can sometimes be difficult to decide on what would happen to the remains. This is why it is best to have the funeral service before the actual celebration. This way you can plan what to do with the deceased’s remains. If the person were a smoker, there are funeral services that can be arranged. If the person was involved in a car accident, the celebration can be planned around their safety.